Snow White Bristlenose Pleco

Size:2-3" unsexed
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This is the newest color-variation of Bristlenose, developed in Europe. It's a leucistic color variant with a patternless white body and a dark-colored eye.

A generally peaceful and hearty fish. Sizes and colors will vary.

Tolerate a wide range of water parameters (6.5 pH to 7.5 pH). Males develop long bristles on their noses, while female bristles are shorter or non-exsistent.

Males can get territorial with the other males and should be provided adequate hiding places (like our Pleco Ceramics caves and decorations).

Safe for most plants, but have been known to nibble on Swords, Anubias, and other broad-leaf plants.

Max size approximately 5". 

Will eat algae as juveniles, but diet will need to be supplemented with quality sinking foods (like our Eat Your Greens Sinking Spirulina Pellets and Garden Salad Vegetable plus Spirulina Flakes.) Will also benefit from Cholla Wood and Catappa Indian Almond Leaves.


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5. Any pictures taken of animals outside of the bag or have had the rubber bands removed will NOT qualify for the guarantee. Once the fish/shrimp/snails are placed into your aquarium, the guarantee is voided. 

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