Ludwigia Sedioides - Rare - Floating Plant

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1 Portion: 1 bunch - 3-4 stems

**Please note, that leaves are fragile and may break during transit. As long as the stems are intact, new leaves will quickly grow back**

Ludwigia Sedioides Parameter Summary:

  • Lighting: Ludwigia Sedioides thrives in high lighting conditions. Provide at least 8-10 hours of intense, direct lighting per day for optimal growth and vibrant coloration.

  • CO2: CO2 supplementation is highly recommended for vigorous growth and to enhance the plant's vibrant colors. It can be grown without CO2 but may grow more slowly.

  • Substrate: A nutrient-rich substrate is beneficial for Ludwigia Sedioides. Use a substrate specifically designed for planted aquariums or add root tabs for extra nutrients.

  • Water Conditions: Maintain stable parameters with temperatures around 72-82°F (22-28°C) and a slightly acidic to neutral pH of 6.0-7.5.

  • Fertilization: Regular dosing of a comprehensive liquid fertilizer rich in iron and other micronutrients is important for the health and growth of Ludwigia Sedioides.

  • Propagation: Propagate by taking stem cuttings and replanting them into the substrate. Trim the stem just below a node and remove any lower leaves.

  • Growth Habits: Ludwigia Sedioides features elongated, lanceolate leaves that grow in pairs along the stem. It can grow quite tall and forms dense clusters.

  • Pruning: Regular pruning is necessary to maintain the plant's shape and prevent it from becoming too bushy. Trim the stems to the desired length.

  • Aquascaping Potential: Ideal for midground or background planting. Ludwigia Sedioides adds a splash of vibrant reds and oranges, creating a striking contrast.

  • Aesthetic Appeal: The colorful leaves of Ludwigia Sedioides add a bold and eye-catching element to the aquarium. Its vibrant hues create a stunning visual display.

  • Naturalistic Aesthetic: Mimics the appearance of plants found in freshwater streams and marshes, adding a touch of natural beauty and vibrancy to your aquascape.

Enhance Your Aquascape with Ludwigia Sedioides:

Ludwigia Sedioides promises to add boldness, vibrancy, and a touch of natural beauty to your aquarium. Order yours today and create a stunning underwater landscape that captivates all who behold it!

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