Bucephalandra - "sp. Lagoon"

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1 portion - 2 rhizome, 6-8 leaves. 1-1.5" Tall

How to Care for Bucephalandra "sp. Lagoon":

  • Lighting: Provide low to moderate lighting levels to maintain healthy growth and vibrant colors. LED lights are recommended for optimal results.

  • CO2: While not mandatory, CO2 supplementation can promote faster growth and more robust foliage. "sp. Lagoon" can thrive without CO2 injection as well.

  • Substrate: None. Do not bury rhizomes in soil. Glue/tie to rock/wood. 

  • Water Conditions: Maintain stable parameters with temperatures around 72-78°F (22-26°C) and a slightly acidic to neutral pH of 6.0-7.5.

  • Propagation: Propagate "sp. Lagoon" by dividing the rhizome. Simply separate the plant into smaller sections, each with roots and leaves, and replant in the substrate.

Create a Tranquil Haven with Bucephalandra "sp. Lagoon":

Bucephalandra "sp. Lagoon" is more than just a plant—it's a serene retreat for your aquatic environment. Let its lush green foliage and delicate leaf patterns transform your aquascape into a tranquil lagoon of natural beauty.

Experience the tranquility of Bucephalandra "sp. Lagoon" in your tank today. Order yours now and bring a sense of peaceful elegance to your underwater world!


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We aim to assist you in replicating a natural ecosystem within your aquarium. Cultivating thriving aquatic plants contributes to a visually appealing and vibrant aquarium ambiance.